Welcome Back to Live Theater

By Greter Barcelo

After two years of not being able to perform in front of a live audience, “Almost Off Book” showed the audience that they are back!  “Almost Off Book” is a student theater club where all the plays are written and directed by Worcester State Students. In the most recent production, there were three 15-20 minute long plays. The production was held in the Fuller Theater inside the Administration Building, from Friday, March 25, 2022 through Sunday March 27, 2022.  I attended the opening night on Friday, March 25, 2022.  The cost to attend was $5 per person.  There were a good amount of people in attendance, the seats were almost full.  

Julia Duggan, the President of the club, “Almost Off Book” spoke and gave thanks to those in the cast, as well as, the crew, writers, directors, the audience and more.  The background crew included: Nolan L. as D.F. Stage Manager and LIghting Designer, Collin T as Sound Designer, Aiden B as Costume Designer and Graphic Designer, Julia D. as Props Master and Backstage Coordinator, Ryann J. as D.C.A. & W.U.G.M. Stage Manager, Adam Z. as Club Advisor, Andrea B. as Public Program Coordinator, Nathan L. as Scene Shop Supervisor, and Susan J.H. as Costume Shop Supervisor.

The first play that was performed was “The Dating Fairy”, written by Delaney DeNorscia and directed by Julia Duggan.  Ever wonder what it would be like if you had a fairy appear to help you with your date? This play can give you insight on how it would be like. Could it be a good or a bad thing? The performance was near-perfect, funny, and entertaining. The props were minimal, with just a dinner table and chairs, but that didn’t take away from the actors. The reaction from the audience was proof that they enjoyed the play.  There was laughter, smiles, and lots of clapping.  Cast members include; Delaney D., Aiden B., Katherine M., Ryann J., Angel Sy., and Brody M..

Then it was “Dead Characters Anonymous”, written and directed by Sarah Tonkin. This play was about the characters in books and movies that always die, and they are in an anonymous recovery meeting. A new member was compelled to join, and each character gave their bio and why they were in the meeting.  At the beginning of the performance it was a bit confusing on what the play was about, but as it went on it became more clear.  With just a small snack table and chairs, it worked well with the plot.  The actors performed really well, and stayed in character. Cast members include; Sarah T., Ava J., Victoria T., Hayley C., and Angel S..

Finally it was “What’s Up G-Man?”, written by Delaney DeNorscia, and directed by Aiden Bourdeau.  This play was about a student who unknowingly called upon “God”.  “God” arrived unclear as to why he was called upon, and during the segment, it was still unclear. “God” had called upon other muses to assist with the student, and throughout there wasn’t much help. The performance was great and captivating, where the acting was on point, and jokes were on cue.  Each actor came on stage appropriately, and on cue. There was a table to simulate a desk occupied with school supplies as props. The execution was engaging and a great play to end the night with. Cast members include; Katherine M., Brody M., Ava J., Hayley C., and Brighid C..

At the end of the three performances, all the actors came out and did their grand finale bow.  The entire night was superb! I can’t wait to see what other productions the club will perform.  If you are looking to join the club, please email almostoffbook@worcester.edu for more information.  “Almost Off Book” club meets on Tuesdays!

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