The Food Spy: The Pod

4-5-23: Sheehan Dining Hall

The dining hall in Sheehan Hall, colloquially known as the Pod, is unrivaled in accessibility. Worcester State residents and commuters alike only need to walk one or two minutes to the Pod, and a buffet’s worth of meals are just a swipe of your ID away.

Upon entering the Pod, you’ll find yourself with a bevy of options that change daily. There are a few mainstays though, including the salad bar. I tend to frequent the salad bar, and today was no exception. My usual is lettuce, spinach, shredded carrots, and cucumbers. The vegetables are always fresh at the salad bar, and my usual order only scratches the surface of its contents. There is even a section of the bar dedicated to yogurt and fruit. Don’t expect gourmet quality food from the Pod, expect variety. Once you get over that potential hangup, you should have an alright dining experience.

4-5-23: Sheehan Dining Hall

Have you ever been to The Pod? It is located in the Sheehan Dining Hall on campus. It is very well known to student residents. As a commuter, I am familiar with The Pod, but I don’t frequently go. I am not too familiar with The Pod pricing for commuters, but I was able to go as a guest.

The Pod is a buffet style dining area, with a beautiful view of the Football Field, and most of the inner-side portion of campus. There are a lot of seating areas and decor throughout. The hours of The Pod are separated from Breakfast, Continental, Lunch, and Dinner between the hours of 7:30am-7:30pm Monday through Friday, and 10:30am-7:30pm Saturday and Sunday. There is also a way to pick the music from your phone with the Social Jukebox App. The Pod has different food genres, which provides a variety for the students. There is a section for pizza, a breakfast area, dessert area, sandwich area, an area for non-dairy products, and more. There is even a Starbucks! (Hours of Starbucks is 7:30a-2p Mon-Fri)

I started my plate with a melted cheese topped eggplant, a sandwich chicken wrap, and a small serving of what looked like tomato rice with kielbasa. I was unable to eat the eggplant, as it was undercooked and stiff. The rice with kielbasa was pretty good, but the wrap was mediocre. My second plate had a slice of cheese and tomato pizza, a small self serve soft ice cream of a purple color, and a cookie. I was very pleased with the pizza, the flavor of the ice cream was not to my palette taste, and the cookie was good. The cookie was not too hard and not too soft; for me it was just right. You can drink as much as you want from the self-serve fountain drinks and juices, in which I had juice.

Being a commuter, I enjoyed the different food options to choose from. I would definitely go here again. However, I wouldn’t know what it would be like if these were my food choices every day while living on campus. You can follow The Pod on Social Media @WSUeats.

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