• spell out one through nine
  • use figures…
    • 10+
    • when preceding a unit of measurement
    • the ages of people, animals, events, or things
    • addresses


  • month + year = “month year” (January 1972)
  • month + day + year = “month day, year” (March 3, 2004)
  • when describing a decade or span of decades, do NOT use an apostrophe (1890s, not 1890’s)
  • months are always capitalized
Month Abbreviation Month Abbreviation
January Jan. July
February Feb. August Aug.
March September Sept.
April October Oct.
May November Nov.
June December Dec.



1st reference → first + last name, age, hometown/college, major (when applicable)

2nd reference → last name only (if two people have the same last name, continue to use first and last both)

Noah Goldfarb, a junior majoring in English at WSU, found the Poetry Potluck to be a successful event. Goldfarb especially enjoyed the Haiku Deathmatch competition.

children 15 & under → on second reference, use first name only (unless athlete, celebrity, or criminal)



  • if the speaker has already been introduced, remember to use only their last name when attributing the quote (“I really enjoyed the atmosphere and food,” Goldfarb said. “The enchiladas were my favorite.”)
  • a quote is always its own paragraph