“Insane”, A Poem

By Saelly Soriano

All I see are walls
Four of them
Windows to the outside world
I cannot step foot in

I see hardwood floors
Instead of grass or concrete

I try to envision a sky
The faucet leaking, that’s my river
The fan is a wind that blows through my hair

Not needing the sunlight to live
My fake plants are my garden

I’m in paradise

I am my only acquaintance
I’m a little shy the first time we meet

But now there is no thought she can hide
That I don’t know

I smile while the mirror frowns
There’s no way to escape me

A cell without bars, a lock and key
Right in front of me
But the enemy is seen and in reach

Just go outside
There are remnants of it

the particles the virus

Today is tomorrow

Tomorrow was yesterday

Time has stopped

But I’m still going

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