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4-12-23: NU Kitchen

NU Kitchen, formerly known as NU Café, is a modern hipster restaurant just outside of Downtown Worcester, and it is a great destination for anyone who likes healthy, organic food. It’s also a favorite spot for smoothies among Worcester State students. The restaurant can be found on 335 Chandler Street, but were it not for the colorful sign you see while walking, biking, or driving by, you’d be forgiven for never knowing it was there. The restaurant is about a 20-minute walk or a ten-minute run from campus, but they also have upwards of fifty parking spots for drivers. They also offer catering and online orders for pickup or delivery.

NU Kitchen has an exciting and colorful vibe, but also a relaxed and surprisingly quiet atmosphere, even during busier hours. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful and intricate, with a giant mural on one wall, plants of several varieties scattered throughout the restaurant, and pleasant lighting, including a skylight. Even the bathrooms are roomy and well-lit. There are more than enough tables and chairs to seat a party — even though there were twenty or thirty people while we were there, many spots were vacant. My food arrived quickly, and the staff were cordial and kind.

The restaurant has a variety of unique dishes, including many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. I ordered the Vegan Tacos and the Harvest Tofu Scramble. Both dishes had an excellent flavor and character, both in texture and in taste. The portion sizes were good; neither too small nor too large. The prices, though by no means cheap, weren’t unreasonable, considering the amount of food you receive.

The tacos, served in twos, come in a warm, soft shell with tofu, avocado, cauliflower, lime, and more. They were spicy, creamy, and sweet, with just the flavor quality you might expect from five-star Mexican fare. The Harvest Tofu Scramble was more ‘scramble’ than tofu, but it was nonetheless satisfying and delicious. It had mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and kale, and came topped with a spicy pesto dressing. My only complaint is that on the warm, summer day we visited the restaurant, and especially as a complement to my tacos, I would have preferred the dish to be chilled.

Overall, I’d give the restaurant five out of five stars. It gets an A+ for both the atmosphere and the food. Considering its proximity to campus and the low prices relative to comparable restaurants in the area, it’s definitely a place worth going if you feel like a good smoothie or a hearty, nutritious meal. I will definitely be eating here again.

NU Kitchen is located at 335 Chandler St, Worcester. It is a 15-20 minute walk or a 5 minute drive. The restaurant’s dining area is very spacious, well lit, and beautifully decorated. They have a healthy variety of food choices, which includes cold pressed juices, acai bowls, smoothies, and breakfast and lunch options. As we all know, eating healthy can be pricey. NU Kitchen is no different, but thankfully not to the extent of other similar restaurants.

I ordered a banana blueberry muffin and a strawberry banana smoothie. They were delicious! The muffin was moist and very tasteful in every bite. Neither banana or blueberry overpowered each other, they blended exquisitely. The smoothie was delicious and flavorful. The fusion of strawberry and banana was perfect. I would recommend coming to NU Kitchen! I definitely will come again now that I have a better understanding of their prices.

NU Kitchen is a great place to go for something healthy and tasty. The location is ideal, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, depending on your preferences. There is also plenty of parking. The decor has recently been updated, and it now feels very bohemian, trendy, and Instagram-worthy, which is very appealing. The location gets a 5/5. 

Customer service is excellent as well. They are excellent at making recommendations, the employees are pleasant, and the food is delivered on time. Customer service receives a 5/5.

Now, on to the food and drink.

I ordered a buffalo kale wrap, which I thought was delicious, and an iced caramel latte, which I thought was very bitter but I didn’t mind because I was exhausted. My issue is that it was extremely expensive.

Aside from that issue, I highly recommend NU Kitchen to anyone interested in eating healthier.

NU Kitchen review – Turkey & Avocado Wrap

The Turkey & Avocado wrap from NU Kitchen was plated in a very appealing manner, served with chickpeas. The wrap itself was leafy, with meaty chunks of chicken visible from the first bite. A nice avocado spread complimented the wrap’s leafy crunch, giving it a nice vibrant and creamy texture. The wrap was a serviceable amount of food, and it was filling for a lunch item. The chickpeas that came on the side were somewhat watery, but they tasted nice enough that they were a welcome addition to the meal. One of the main negatives of the meal really came down to the price, which was high for what I got. I paid for an above average meal and the wrap was really just a decent meal. No complaints here, but I might try something much more interesting if I’m perusing the menu at NU Kitchen.

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