Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Greter Barcelo, Managing Editor

My name is Greter Barcelo. I am currently the Managing Editor for the New Worcester Spy.  I am a Senior majoring in Liberal Studies with a focus on Spanish and Business.  I am a non-traditional student and mother.  I love to write, be involved with the community, and travel.

Ryleigh McGovern, Web Editor, Editor

My name is Ryleigh I am the Web editor for the New Worcester Spy. I come from Berkshire County (Pittsfield to be specific), I am a Junior here at WSU (a transfer really) and I am majoring in Elementary Education and English. One fun fact about me is that I am a part of the Equestrian Team here on campus (go follow our instagram: wworcesterstateequestrian).

Jaclyn Morrison, Web Editor Assistant, Editor

Jaclyn is a Freshman year English major, and an all around cool dude. A woman of many talents, when not writing she is typically knitting, acting, drawing, reading, or showing up 5 minutes late to class. She is by far the sleepiest member of the New Worcester Spy.

Ryanne McGowan, Social Media Editor

Rhiannon Mansur, Art Editor, Editor

Rhiannon Mansur is a freshman at Worcester State University. When she’s not procrastinating, she is an editor and writer at the New Worcester Spy and works towards getting a bachelors in English and Art. She has a particular interest in health and environmental safety. When she graduates, she hopes to become a publicist and storyboard artist. Contact at rmansur@worcester.edu for more information.


Jacob Nash, Senior Contributor

Jacob Nash is a senior at Worcester State University. He is an English major and a Communication minor. He enjoys writing, working out, playing video games, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Michael (Mike or Mikie) Letendre

I’m a Senior Communication Major from Worcester, MA – family is from Auburn, MA(dad) & Montevideo, Uruguay(mom). Intern for the WSU Athletic Dept’s Sports Information Office. I found out about the spy through Ryanne McGowan; I have a passion for Sports and thought it would be fun to do a sports column for the Spy.

Moesha Nugent

Moesha Nugent is a staff writer and editor at the New Worcester Spy. She is a junior, majoring in English with a minor in Business Administration with a concentration in Writing at Worcester State University. She’s been a writer and lover of literature all her life, and is working on her first novel.

Alex Vanantwerp

Rembrandt Pearl

Interested in joining us as staff or contributors? Email us at thenewworcesterspy@gmail.com for an invite to our weekly Zoom meetings, held on Wednesday’s at 3:30 pm.

Spring 2021

Given the intrinsic nature of a four-year university, our student leaders come and go as they graduate, bound for the wider world of success. For that reason, positions are often in flux.

As of Spring 2021, our roles include:

Abbey Howard, Managing Editor

Abbey is a senior at Worcester State University pursuing a major in English with a concentration in Writing. In her free time, she loves reading and writing young adult fantasy and historical fiction, as well as bullet journaling, watching crime shows, and listening to musicals. 

Dylan Murray, Web Editor

Dylan, 23, is currently a senior at Worcester State University studying English with a concentration in Journalism. Some of his interests are Boston sports teams, problem-solving of any kind, and Hiking around New England.

Saelly Soriano, Associate Editor

Saelly is a junior at Worcester State University. She is pursuing a major in Criminal Justice, and minors in Forensic Science, Psychology and Spanish. Saelly has been writing poetry since the 3rd grade, and has such a love for any type of art. Being creative and being yourself is what she strives for. 

Patrick Young, Associate Editor 

Patrick is a senior at Worcester State University pursuing an English degree with a minor in Education Studies. In his free time he loves to play and write about video games, watch TV and films of all types, as well as play basketball. 

Logan Hampsey, Art Director

Logan Hampsey is a first-year student at Worcester State University. He is studying Visual & Performing Arts. He is interested in writing, music, and artwork for a long time. Logan likes to write about things based on reality, things we can all connect to, and what being human is all about!

Cleve Wiese, Faculty Adviser

Dr. Wiese is a professor in the WSU English Department who specializes in journalism. His education has taken him from Rhodes College in Memphis to New York University and finally to the University of Texas at Austin for his Ph.D.

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