Backlog Battle: Week 2

Jacob Nash Week Two–Rhythm and Action Melody of Memory, Rhythm Thief, and Harmoknight The rhythm game genre is a relatively recent genre of video games compared to genres like roleplaying, racing, and sports. A subgenre […]


Backlog Battle Week 1

Week 1 Racing on the Gamecube Mario Kart Double Dash, Kirby Air Ride, and Wave Race Blue Storm Whether playing alone or competing against friends, racing games are usually a hit. They tend to have […]

Arts & Entertainment

Almost Off Book

Jacob Nash Almost Off Book, Worcester State’s campus theater group, has just finished up its winter show. Three one-act plays and two poems were performed on February 24th and 25th, 2023. The creativity and talent […]


Creativity, Diversity, CommUNITY

New Worcester Spy: Special Edition Creativity, Diversity, CommUNITY Cover Design:Anthony Drapos Jacob Nash “Creativity, Diversity, Comm”UNITY””, Title The New Worcester Spy sends a huge Thanks to Our Contributors: Joss Bracero ”Where Will My Milk Ducts […]


Halloween Contest Winners

1st Place: Carla’s Crusade to Creaven by Ashley Harvey “What flavor did you get?” Dustin asked before sipping from his Big Gulp.“Blue flavor, like always,” Carla responded.Chad and Heather were walking ahead of them, snacks […]