Wormtown Story Slam (Episode #2)

Wormtown Story Slam

In the second ever episode of the Wormtown Story Slam, Noah chats with retired Worcester State professor Richard Sullivan about his childhood growing up alongside activist Abbie Hoffman. Keep an eye out for our next episode, coming soon, when Noah sits down with the minds behind CitySpeak. If you have any submissions for the Story Slam, feel free to send them to ngoldfarb@worcester.edu!

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  1. Great story Professor Sullivan. I took your Science Fiction class way back in 1979 or so and THAT WAS A GREAT CLASS. At that time I had to take the class as an elective because it wouldn’t count toward my English major. Wasn’t lofty enough for the “let flee a fart crowd,” I guess. However, we read fairly obscure authors at the time (Philip K Dick, for one) that later got the recognition they deserved. Glad to hear you’re still rockin in the free world!!

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