Worcester Public Market Review 


Hello Worcester Spy readers. I’m a freshman English major, reporter with the New Worcester Spy, and lover of adventure. In talking to my high school friends, who have scattered to the winds, exploring a wide variety of state schools in Massachusetts, I’ve gotten a sense of isolation and frustration being cooped up on campus. And all I could think about is “Thank God I go to school in the greatest city in the world.” 

But then I got to thinking. There must be some people here who aren’t aware of all the beauty Worcester has to offer. And I decided, as a reporter with the New Worcester Spy, it is my journalistic duty to inform the readers about all the dope stuff you can do here. 

Worcester Public Market

Located at 160 Green St, The Worcester Public Market Boasts 21 restaurants and specialty food stands, as well as a few vendors with cool items (and occasionally a dog). The food comes from all corners of the world- from Baked Goods to Burgers, and even the pickiest eaters (myself included) can find things to eat. My recommendation for my fellow bread—and nothing else—lovers- Namaste Woo’s Garlic Naan. My editor, camera man, and platonic life partner, Rhiannon Libertarian Mansur, recommends. Grab food from one of the stands and sit down with your friends in the table area. Sick of eating? Grab some Boba and go next door to the Crompton Building (more on these in a later article).  The Worcester Public Market is conveniently located near a list of other cool spots in Worcester; Seed to Stem and Crompton Collective, for those of you looking for a full day of adventure.  

If you’re like me and don’t have a car on campus- don’t worry- there’s a 100 thousand dollar vehicle waiting to take you wherever you need. THE WRTA- 

The WRTA is free until June 23’,  so you might as well take advantage of it. Worcester State has two bus stops right on campus- the 3 picks up at the South Entrance Parking lot, and the 6 at the Tiffany Gates. Either way, take your bus of choice to its final stop, the WRTA Central Hub. From there it’s a quick walk down Green Street, or a longer wait for the 4 or 11 to your destination.

Once you’re there, look around, Worcester Public Market is one of my favorite places to bring people visiting me as there’s something for everyone.

Overall, if you’re looking for some fun on your weekends, good food, or a cool place to take your friends, I’d highly recommend this location.

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