Winter Wonderland

By Sophia D’Alleva

Winter is near with a nipping in the air. 

Cold cold snow 

Lights are aglow. 

Trees stand tall and bare. 

Trees that were once filled with color from the fall leaves  are now clothed in white sparkling snow. 

Winter wonderland puts on a snowglobe-like show. Noses are red from the frost, 

in winter wonderland we could get lost. 

Hearing sleigh bells ring, bringing music to our ears. 

We always imagine reindeer trotting around this time of year. Snow laden trees with twinkling lights, 

brightening up these cold winter nights. 

In our warm and cozy homes, embraced by blankets, we admire the Snow falling outside. 

Cocoa in hand spreading winter cheer, 

always keeping family near as we eat sugar plums 

near the fireplace, seeing the ice frosted windows. 

Winter wonderland brings peace and comfort along with laughs and cheer. 

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