VPA Students to display works in student Installation Show

By Alex MacDougall

The upcoming 2015 Student Installation Show gives upper-level VPA majors at Worcester State University a chance to showcase their talent to the public. Student works that vary widely in medium and theme will be on display from February 12th through March in the Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery at WSU.

A few of the featured artists described the pieces they’ll have on display below:

Kristine_MacBrian.jpg INSTALLATION PIECE

“This is a sculptural piece. A wooden clock box transformed into ‘Abnormalities and Oddities’, inspired by the most recent season of FX’s American Horror Story. I manipulated a photograph taken by a fellow student of myself, appearing to have two heads. I used black and red striped fabric to serve as curtains in this ‘freak show,’ and real decaying flowers are positioned at the bottom of the box as if growing from the inside.”

-Kristine MacBrian


“My piece, Rest in Power, is a conversation piece about the current turmoil revolving around race and police brutality in the United States.”

-Shannon McGinty


“These forms are the result of a Fall 2014 course, Advanced Sculpture, offered by Stacey Parker. The structure of the class provided me with the opportunity to explore the concept of vessels. What exactly are they? Do they always hold something? Could elementary forms of life— the egg, seeds, the human body, the earth— be considered vessels?”

-Pamella Saffer

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