Three Poems

the same page, time, & living a lie

In August 2018, during Older Student Registration, students Carol Chester and Gail Johnston, with guidance from Joanne Jaber Gauvin from the Urban Action Institute, initiated the Older Student Writing Project (OSWP). The goal of the project was to collect personal essays written by older students and to have them printed in a university publication. The purpose of the project was to highlight the work of older students, showing that they add to the diversity of the WSU community.

By Gail Schuyler

the same page

we’re not on the same page
not even in the same book
one look was all it took
to cement two lives together
‘til death do us part.
but years have separated
through sins and sickness
trials and tribulations
the glue has worn thin
and instead of walking as one
we are two travelers
on separate roads
trying to reach the same


Time stops for no one
There’s no redo in Life
Clock ticks and
Ready or not
Time is gone—
Got to move on

Want Time to stop
Just for a minute
To catch a breath—
But not until
Our last breath is taken
Does Time matter not

Living A Lie

Living a lie is a lonely life
wearing a mask to hide mistakes
too painful to admit
too hard to forget

Living a lie when truth is the way
time to come out and be ok
not play hide ‘n seek
see the light of day

Bury the past
and live above ground
embrace the Son
new life can be found

If we put away the old
take hold of the new
not for others
but to thine own self be true.

Gail Schuyler is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in English program at Worcester State University. Before retiring in February 2017, she worked as Residential Life Coordinator at Assumption College in Worcester. Gail enjoys writing poetry and is a member of the Worcester County Poetry Association.

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