“Threadbare” by Moises R. Cotto

Art by Patrick Driscoll

By Moises R. Cotto

Time did not allow me to know you for very long but
people say I favor you as a lamb does to a Father figure.
Brought into the world like magma, I awoke in a plea for salvation,
but the dove inside of me was impaled by the talons of a sadistic Raven.

The acid rained from up above with bitterness, burning my eyes.
Her prayers made in my name were rejected by an apathetic God.
I can’t begin to escape from my body with a
soul on fire that continues to blaze in the deviant pit of darkness.

You were the vessel to the spirit of a crystal wolf, which I inherited.
We took a rose and we pulled the petals off her body,
leaving her naked and without offspring.
We lay the petals on the tomb as we saw the moth fly up into the abyss.

Years passed and another plagued me. I wonder
if she was able to find the ecstasy that eluded her on this planet.
She reminds me of you; the way you both entered the never-ending
catacomb of misery. When your memory fades, I seek solace in what you left.

I can still feel you on your clothes as
my hand glides over a history of suffering and rapture.
The clouds gave way to the halo blaring down from a bleeding moon,
and then I contort as you inhabit me when I wear your veil.

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