This Week’s Playlist, Mid-October

Need some help finding a playlist to match those October weekday feels? Our music writer Karly Nivison’s got you covered. 

by Karly Nivison

With October blowing through and that New England winter coming in, it’s time to kick back and try to find some music to match the mood. Here’s a list of This Week’s Playlist. 


It’s mid-October, which means by now the stress of midterms is starting to pick up, the weather is getting chilly, and all you want to do is stay inside curled up in a blanket. With a brand new week on your plate, it’s time to start it off with some good vibes and a bit of an energy boost. Supercut – By Lorde is the perfect song to start your Monday. With soft tones opening the song that leads into danceable rhythms, it’s the spark that you need to start your week. It’s a song about heartbreak but somehow is still able to leave you dancing in your seat. It escalates vocally, musically and harmoniously, leaving you wanting more before it ends. 


With the morning wake-up from Monday catching up to you on Tuesday, it’s time to take it down a notch with a more chill approach to the music that plays through your speaker today. The soft melodic tones from Adele’s version of Make You Feel My Love are perfect for rainy Tuesday afternoons, which we’ve already had too many of. Its hushed delivery and softly spoken lyrics set the mood for the day. The piano backs her powerful vocals, allowing her voice to shine. 


With the week just passing the middle marker, it’s time for another energy boost to get through the rest of the week. Criminal by State Champs is the kind of song that you turn all the way up to pump you with energy. 15 seconds into the song, the electric guitar comes in full swing with gritty vocals to amps up your mood ten times, and the pick up of the chorus really hooks you in. Whether you’re angry and need to yell along with the chorus or just need a kick of energy, this is the perfect song for a hump day.


Since it’s really starting to feel like fall and the leaves have just changed colors on the trees, it’s time to have a warm tone to your weekly soundtrack. For some reason, songs from the 70s remind me of fall. The song Rich Girl by Hall and Oats is the perfect song for today. Considering that this is also a Thursday, it is also an appropriate pick for a Throwback. The catchy rhythm will have you singing this song all day. The blend of instruments and harmonies gives off a warm feeling and, more importantly, a happy feeling. 


Alright, take a deep breath and relax. The week is finally over. Whether you had a hard week or a mildly easy week, its time to let loose and have fun. Throw on the song Zack and Codeine by Post Malone from his second album Beerbongs and Bentleys. The upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics in the chorus will make you let go of the week you just had and have fun. It is a song that encourages you to go out and spend time with others and relax, but also party a bit at the same time. It’s a good song to put on if you are getting ready to go out or simply just hanging around with a few friends.

Any thoughts about what songs you would put on a weekday playlist? Leave a comment below!
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