This Week’s Playlist, Late October

Now that we've finally encountered New England storms, it's time for some new playlist recommendations to match those stormy feelings

Copyright, Drake: "Right Hand." Image by Cash Money Records (2015)

By Karly Nivison

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Starting off our week is Tom Walker’s Leave a Light On. Walker isn’t too well known, but this song is undoubtedly his most popular song yet. A piano, synth ballad dedicated to a friend who struggles with addiction, Leave a Light On packs Walker’s emotions into his lyrics and gives a sense of hopefulness throughout the song. This is the perfect song to lift you up for a Monday that you might be struggling to get through. Walker’s voice will help move you forward, especially with the cold weather approaching.



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Following with the synth tones of Tom Walker, I recommend Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder for Tuesday. Oh Wonder is a duo from London who has released a track that is impossible to hate. Light vocals, heavy beats and a piano track in the background make this song so easy to listen to. The composition of harmony and perfectly synced vocals of the duo invites listeners to dance along to the allure of the beat. While the song is slow, its beat will move your feet and your mind throughout the day.


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You’ll either hate or love my Wednesday recommendation, Losin Control by Contemporary R&B singer Russ. Russ is a self-proclaimed American Rapper, although Losin Control is one of his slower, more emotional songs. You can hear the emotion in his voice when he sings about a girl who is falling for another man. Russ’s pain and sadness really comes out in this song, making it extremely raw to listen to. It reminds me a little bit of what Post Malone did on “White Iverson,” not so much lyrically, but the raw sound of it. This song makes a good choice for a Wednesday where you are just trying to chill out and get caught up on your homework so you don’t get left behind for the rest of the week.



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Thursday always has a heavy punk side to it, so I chose a song to fit those jarring pre-Friday feels. I wouldn’t recommend this song to everyone, but for those of you who want a taste, I would describe my next song as a can of Monster in lyric form. It is a unique song that most pop-inclined listeners won’t enjoy. Quicksand by The Story So Far is an intense song from the very beginning. With heavy drums and loud and aggressive vocals starting the song off, listeners are given an energy boost. It is a good song to let out any tension from the week that you might be feeling at this point. It is a powerful and punchy anthem as well as one of my favorites by this band. They will be touring in the Worcester area next month if you want to check them out.



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Just like last week, a song for this Friday is going to be one that you can let loose and just jam or party to. With the dullness of the week over, it is time to step it up a notch with the excitement of the weekend. Right Hand by Drake is one of my favorite songs by this artist. It may be a bit overplayed here and there but is still a great song that will amp up any kind of situation. Grab your best friend and dedicate the rap verses to each other and have a blast. With this upbeat rhythm and fun lyrics, it’s so easy to let loose and dance a little bit. This is what Fridays are for!


Hope you’re having a great week!

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