This Is Me

Artwork by Logan Hampsey

Stuck in this body,


My hidden misery

Says they’re ashamed–

Guess I’ll just go away

Was I born this way?

Am I even happy?

All I want is to be respected,

Love is love

They just don’t understand

Says it’ll evaporate,

That it’s just a phase

But in my head,

I’ve already paved the way

As much as I’ve tried,

I could never just come out into the light

Soaking in stress and terror

It’s hard to be authentic,

When you’ve been denied forever

The hate that you give me,

Bullets bouncing off a bulletproof vest

Desperately clawing my way to “normality”

Don’t worry about me,

My eyes are on the prize

All it takes is reflection

Keep following the lovely signs

And you’ll be there in no time

I drive myself insane

It all seems so challenging

But as long as you are true

There’s nothing else anyone can do

Loving yourself inside out

Is something you work for

It may take more than you think

Before I find anybody,

It’s important to figure out me

Must be confident,

Though I’ve struggled

Being who we are

Is something we should be proud of,

Not judged for

People can say anything they want

I will try to protect myself, my peace

I just want to be able to be me

In the meantime,

I’ve come to terms…

This is me.

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