The Sweet 90s

Sarah Synk offers her personal experience with the WSU Chorale 90s night, an event that meant a lot to her as a singer, a music-lover, and a friend.

By Sarah Synk

On a Thursday night, a time many students consider a good time to consume alcohol, I attended the annual theme show fundraiser of the Worcester State Chorale to support their wonderful group. Throughout the performance, I saw people on the edge of their seats, in awe, as they heard the singers. The songs were accompanied by the Bob Godoury Trio, and together they sounded beautiful. The show was located at a Lebonese Restaurant called El- Basha.

So, what exactly was the theme? It was the sweet ‘90s. Once I got there, I was automatically filled with excitement. The first song I heard was “More Than Words” by the band Extreme. My friend Kristen and I were kindly greeted by the Chorale. I am a Chorus member, and from what I observed, they were the nicest people on the planet. I’ve sung in shows and combined with them, so I knew a couple of people.

A ticket from the event

What was especially cool was how the host explained the histories behind each song. Every performance was met with cheers and excitement. One of my favorite songs that I heard was “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees (which has always been my favorite), sung by Jenn Jerome, a colleg junior. The Fugees, if you are unfamiliar, were a 90s American hip hop group. The audience gave Jerome a standing ovation, taking their phones out and waving lights around like you would see in a professional concert. Other songs that chorale members sang were “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana and “Arms Of an Angel” by Sarah McClaughin. The latter made me cry (but let’s face it—that made everyone cry).

I was proud of my friends most of all. One of my friends named Haley Brann, a sophomore, sang “Zombie” by the Cranberries, overcoming her performance anxiety. Her delivery gave no hint that she was nervous.\

“I thought it was really fun,” said Brann. “I liked being able to see everybody dancing and having a great time. And I could see all of my friends who were supporting me and made me less nervous.”

WSU Chorale raised money at the concert by selling, among other things, flowers with music notes. It was a fun idea that let attendees interested in supporting the group help out.

Alumni sang at the event, too. Even some couples in the group sang together. The crowd gave them a wave of “Awwwws” during their performances. Some even slow danced— bravely—to their songs with their significant others. I smiled at how happy they were.

When the concert was over, I became sad because of how fun it was. They ended the night with “Closing Time” by Semisonic. The singer who performed it was very talented. He played the guitar while he sang.

At the concert, I could not help but cheer loudly for performers. At the end, I greeted them, and the people I knew smiled. Others, who I only knew for a short while, greeted me too—and that was one of the best feelings ever.

I thought the show was a huge hit, definitely a 10/10 concert performance. It brought back memories of when my cousin took out CDs and played songs like “No Doubt” and “Cheryl Crow.” I especially loved songs that were written in 1995, the year I was born. ‘90s music is close to my heart because of all the great memories I had with my cousin. Even though I was only around five at the time, my cousin introduced me to the music.

Well done, Chorale. I highly recommend that everyone supports the wonderful group at any of their theme nights in the future. It’s easy to forget that WSU has such talent—until you go and see a show. To the performers I say, keep singing, and have music close to your heart! Thank you, Director Nigro, for allowing them to show off their wonderful talent.

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