“The Spell”

Tyanna McCaulsky flexes her talents as a creative poet in this short poem

By Tyanna McCaulsky

Photo credit: Josh Catalano

Just a kiss
Gave the heart that one wish
Blind eyes 
Devious lies
What did I miss?

Butterflies, my sunshine 
However, you weren’t actually mine
Holding onto a thin line
The pain, I don’t want to rewind 

Is this a dream?
All I want to do is scream...
You were my beam 
Denied the signs
And all you had to offer was a decline 

Ummm... I guess it’s the truth 
We do get revelations 
But ignoring them
Only brings devastation 
Drawing us closer to the prison of manipulation 

Damn, I think I’ll need salvation 
Because this skin,
Just adores temptation 
Forgive me of the accusations 
I just can’t see through this frustration 
I’ve got to speed up the duration
Because misery won’t be the root
Of my foundation
I have to let go
For I refuse to allow one mistake to mess up my reputation!

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