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Read to learn all about the The Hub Theatre in Boston, and the newest production, True West.

By Rachael Berthiaume,


Have you been looking for a new, fun, cheap outing? Well, look no further! The Hub Theatre Company in Boston is the place to check out.

On April 13, The Hub opened their latest production of True West, written by Sam Shepard and directed by Daniel Bourque.

The story is focused on two brothers who come together while their mother is on vacation in Alaska. Lee (Victor Shopov) is the younger brother who is in the process of making it in the screenwriting business. He has a happy, calm life, until his brother comes along. Austin (Bob Mussett) is the older brother who has a history of being sarcastic, manipulative and stealing flat-screen TVs — oh, and drinking beer.

These brothers are far from close, and they are constantly bickering in the kitchen about each other’s lives. Lee is in the process of securing a huge movie deal — that is, until Austin swoops in. Saul (Robert Orzalli) a Hollywood producer, is content with using Lee’s story until Austin presents one of his own. It’s a true western story with horses and love triangles, and it all takes place in Texas. Whether Austin genuinely wanted to sell his story or was just trying to get back at his brother is unclear.

Lee is furious with the news and another fight ensues, full of drinking, swinging and a complete role-reversal. This time, Austin is the one slaving away at the typewriter while Lee goes out on a stealing spree, all to prove something to the other.

Overall, the story was full of the raw emotion that comes with sibling rivalry as well as a sense of comic relief, especially when their mom (Maureen Adduci) arrives home in the midst of one of their fights. Bob Mussett and Victor Shopov delivered amazing and convincing performances as two brothers who are fighting their own demons, and each other.

This is the Hub Theatre Company’s 6th season here in Boston. True West ran until Saturday, April 28 at the First Church in Boston’s Back Bay. Some of their past productions included Coyote on A Fence by Bruce Graham, Robyn is Happy by Michael Elyanow, and Wit by Margaret Edson.  

Their productions have been awarded multiple IRNE awards and have been nominated for multiple Onstage Critic Awards.

Taming, by Lauren Gunderson and directed by Juliet Bowler, is the Hub’s next production which will be running from July 13-July 28 at their summer location at Club Cafe in Boston.

The best part of the Hub? All their shows are pay-what-you-can! They believe in letting everyone experience the theater, so money is not a factor. That being said, it does cost a lot of money to put on their shows, so a donation is greatly appreciated.

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