The Green Club At Worcester State

By Elizabeth Mendez

Every fall the sustainability department hosts its annual Sustainability Fair. A year ago I found myself volunteering at the fair, where I got to know the department’s coordinator, Steven Bandarra along with others who work alongside him. The fair was very informative and inspired me to want to get more involved with the sustainability department. I wondered if there were already any student clubs surrounding environmentalism or students involved with the department. Wanting to know more, I had a conversation with Steven, and he informed me that there was once a “Green Club” on campus, but that it had been inactive for years. 

 From that point, and with the support of Steven as our advisor, a friend and I initiated the process of starting a new Green Club. Our initial meetings were tough, but we found other students to complete our board and, best of all, we designed our own shirts! What the Green Club is committed to is raising awareness about climate change and giving back to the community while de-stressing with nature. We welcome everybody, regardless of background, by being involved with many different types of activities that have to do with the environment.

  Starting this club at Worcester State is an important way to continue taking steps towards having conversations about climate change and how we can learn to appreciate our Earth in our daily lives with those around us. Unfortunately, we were set back in our plans when we had to end our spring semester early last year because of COVID-19, but our team still has many exciting ideas for the future with events to look forward to. 

Although these times have changed, there are still many ways in which I incorporate green habits into my daily life. For example, I no longer buy plastic water bottles but refill my water filter pitcher and use my reusable water bottle. Recycling is not as easy when living on campus, but I have been making sure to separate trash within my suite while encouraging others to do the same. Small habits can definitely make a difference, even when they may seem tedious, and simple things such as not littering are important to keep in mind.

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