Pride Power

By Christina Cronin   I sat down with Jaylen Creonte-Baird, a Fitchburg native who is currently in her fourth year as a Public Health major at Worcester State University. Jaylen is the president of Worcester […]


Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones?

By Augustine Kanjia                                                                                         In May 2017, I lost my iPhone 7+ in a friend’s car after she gave me a ride home from work. I persuaded her to search in case it had […]


WSU Adds Vegan Options

By Viktoriya Skuz In recent weeks, Worcester State University has added a variety of pre-packaged, plant-based meals to its food selection. Dumplings, samosas, and spinach noodles are among the ready-to-eat options now available in several […]

Arts & Entertainment


By Julie O’Melia “Whenever I’m unsure of something, I do one of two things. I dance or I make art. For this, I decided to make art,” explains Suzanne Gainer. Sitting at her desk on […]