Creative Writing


By Chloe Courtney I miss blissI’ll enter the code to make a deposit I’m in maximum modeTo maintain my composite My coating’s concealingMe from fully feeling The growth yet to gain I am a hologram […]

Creative Writing

A Boisterous Woman

By Tyanna McCaulsky A constant chatter of AngerA character I wish not To be of my eagerBack and forth bitter words goAs my peace screams noThe discomfort of my skinWhich makes my head spin Daily […]

Creative Writing

Three Poems

In August 2018, during Older Student Registration, students Carol Chester and Gail Johnston, with guidance from Joanne Jaber Gauvin from the Urban Action Institute, initiated the Older Student Writing Project (OSWP). The goal of the […]

Creative Writing

The Elf

By Ellen R. Jewart I see The Elf. He’s sitting there beneathThe wooden kitchen chair. He’s no jollySprite, this one. Look how he’s dressed. See him come.His cap’s a beret of inky black. EyesTo match […]

Creative Writing

Grandparent Grief

By Ellen R. Jewart AloneIn grief,No friends near,Alone with my thoughtsWeeping and tears come hourly.Why should it be like this?Why can’t grief be shared among everyone?Even grandparents need closure from a tragedy. Quiet.Not allowedTo mention […]

Creative Writing

Worst Love Poem Entries

While these poems did not win, they are still creatively awful and hilarious! Promposal By Eric Miller Dear Margaret, Roses are red,Violets are blue,These poems are cliché,Oh God it’s true. Violets are blue, These poems […]

Creative Writing


By Tyanna McCaulsky I like the rhythm of his heartbeatThe electric romantic heatBlazing under the sunsetA marvelous accent, greeting meOn the first day we meetWords bouncing back and forthAs we travel towards the northThe nuzzling […]

Creative Writing

Sleepless Nights

By Tyanna McCaulsky Where broken glasses lie Hope is now in a disguise Barbarity is rejoicing Peace lay bound with fetters of iron Depression is dressed in a Tom Ford Tux What else can I […]


Worst Love Poem Contest

The New Worcester Spy is partnering with creative writing and art club INK to host a Worst Love Poem contest! Compose a creatively awful love poem and submit it to by midnight February 12 […]