Creative Writing

“Changeless Orion,” A Poem

By Robert Racicot I walk empty, quiet streets,  each house aglow in blue, airwaves bursting with isolation. Moon rises early,  growing super pink,  soon the wild creeping phlox will wake. What we call tomorrow  will […]

Creative Writing

“EXIT,” A Poem

By Tyanna McCaulsky Subtle FolkloresFictional Stories from the Drug WarDevious lies, Ignorant MentorsWhy is he hereWho are you speaking for?Cheap educationIs this it for the poor?The pandemonium, I can’t ignoreOur Politicians and their obnoxious uproarMedia […]

Creative Writing

“The Spell”

By Tyanna McCaulsky Photo credit: Josh Catalano Just a kissGave the heart that one wishBlind eyes Devious liesWhat did I miss?Butterflies, my sunshine However, you weren’t actually mineHolding onto a thin lineThe pain, I don’t want to […]

Creative Writing

If Only a Rose Could Talk

By Sarah Tonkin I was walking home one nightDown the familiar laneWhen I saw something in the lightRuined from the rain A singular red roseLay flattened and dejectedFrom a lover, I supposeA lover that was […]

Creative Writing

They Used to Call Me Father

By Tony Dupre They used to call me Father.Long hours in small boxes,listening to the transgressions of strangers,listening intently. I’d say the same things, a droning sound;“Say three Hail Marys and beg for forgiveness.”then absolve […]

Arts & Entertainment

Visiting Poets at WSU

By Gabrielle Plainte On Sunday, April 7, a poetry reading took place in the Faculty Lounge of the Sullivan Building. People of all ages attended, some students, others pure lovers of poetry, and a few […]