Pairs Well

Pairs Well: Masseduction

On this week’s riveting episode of Pairs Well, starring Noah Goldfarb and Matt Severin: Will Noah ever learn to read album/song names properly? Will Matt be able to convince Noah that grooviness is above all else? Will we learn […]

Pairs Well

Pairs Well: Fleet Foxes

Join Matt Severin and Noah Goldfarb on the first episode of Pairs Well, the New Worcester Spy’s album-movie pairing service. This week, they battle it out over which movie pairs best with Fleet Foxes self-titled debut […]


‘Deja Entendu’ Review

Deja Entendu Album Review By John Leary   Brand New is a Long Island based rock band consisting of Jesse Lacey (songwriter/vocalist/guitarist), Vincent Accardi (songwriter/ backing vocals/guitarist), Garrett Tierney (bass), and Brian Lane (drums). The […]