Creative Writing

To Follow a Wolf

By Abbey Howard Yukon Territory, Canada, 1907 A brisk spring breeze rustled the tall pines around us, carrying the bracing scent of earth with it. A few yards ahead of me on the trail was […]

Creative Writing

Nick Longo: Fiction Contest

To highlight the winners and honorable mentions of the 2019 Kathleen Downey Short Fiction Contest, Richard Mayne heads this series to share their work on the New Worcester Spy. Each entry includes an interview with […]

Creative Writing

High Moral Worth

By Thomas Clark Sarah ran headlong through a knot of Blue Andalusian hens, her father’s favorite. They scattered to the barn’s dark corners, where they sent up a cloud of straw and feathery detritus. Despite […]

Creative Writing

The Grinding Wheel

By Thomas Clark [5:33 p.m.] Operator seven guessed fewer than twenty minutes remained in his workday. This was ironic because he prided himself on exacting precision and this was something so important to him. He […]

Creative Writing

Handsome You

By Sarah Synk Sixteen I scrolled through my Facebook feed one rainy day during study hour. I looked at my “happy” self staring at the camera. Long red curly hair with bangs covering my eye, […]


Taxi Man, Five-Five

By: Megan Montgomery    It’s another Friday night in Worcester. Corporates, average Joes, and college kids become nighttime revilers, prowling the street for kicks. While most 9-5 workers have called it a day, Rammy’s has […]