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New Worcester Spy Submission Guidelines/FAQ

The New Worcester Spy publishes on a rolling basis throughout the academic school year
Send pitches and submissions to
We’d love to see your work!

Do you have any guidelines for submissions?

Two words: Be professional. We don’t enforce strict submission guidelines, but we have some recommendations to ensure you get a reply from an editor:

  • Email us with subject line “[Query] + [the date]. E.g. Socialism Op-Ed Pitch 11/5/17. This format helps keep our inbox clean and ensures timely review.
  • Attach finished pieces as a separate document. .doc, .docx, google doc, and .pdf file preferred. Format accordingly: Times New Roman, 12-point, single-spaced. Please don’t use Apple Pages; we don’t all have access to a Mac.
  • Include your name, title/subject of the piece, and genre. We mean genre in the classic sense: podcast, memoir, op-ed, etc. If you don’t include some basic information, we won’t know what to do with your piece.
  • We encourage you to include your contact information/email or online presence if applicable. You may also send a bio to be included as a footnote (no more than 300 characters).
  • Attach photos in a jpeg or png file, landscape format. Just makes our lives easier.
  • Sample email:
    Subject: Can I do a podcast?
    “Hi my name is Jerry Weinfeld, and I have a great idea for a podcast. It’s called Jerry. Believe it or not, it’s a podcast about nothing. I have this blog called Weinfeld at Here’s a sample… Jerry.mp4”
  • If you’re sending a news article or an op-ed, please review an AP style guide and/or our condensed style guide here. Know it, learn it, love it.

I’m worried that this piece I have may not fit any guidelines with the stuff on the site…

Feel free to send whatever you have in whatever medium you want. We’ll send it back with feedback if it prompts revisions.
In addition to fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalistic pieces, we’ve published poetry, photo-essays, podcasts, and slideshows. With a multimedia publication like the New Worcester Spy, the sky’s the limit.
We’ll accept stuff that could be rated R, but please keep graphic or language content to a minimum.
We aim to catalog the creative achievements of the Worcester State Community. We do not hold North American serial rights, but we ask if you are elsewhere, please tell us so that we may include it in bio of your piece.

I want to submit but don’t know where to start.

That’s okay! Most writers don’t know what they’re doing 90% of the time. If you want some ideas, our running storyboard can be viewed here.

I want to reach out to promote my group/event on campus!

We’re more than happy to do some outreach and coverage! Email us at and we’ll send a staff member to contact you.

How come I haven’t heard back from anyone yet?

If your submission or pitch is accepted, an editor will be in touch with you in at most three weeks. All pieces are subject to revision. We will try our best to be in contact ASAP, but please respect our abilities as editors. Our staff consists of busy students who meet on a volunteer basis. Be professional.

Happy writing!


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