Students Talk Fashion on Campus

By Augustine Kanjia

Just like at every college, the fashion trends of Worcester State University are reflective of the student body. The New Worcester Spy took to campus to hear WSU students’ takes on local fashion trends.

Andrew Lenni, a sophomore who lives on campus, said that he believes fashion on campus is not a competition, and that women are more engaged in fashion on campus than males. He said it is respectful to be fashionable, although he is not necessarily in favor of it.

“My brother is different from me; he dresses differently from me,” Lenni said. “He loves to wear buttoned shirts, and I fashion only my simple t-shirts and long sleeves.”

Freshman criminal justice major Selina Velez was of a  different opinion.

“I don’t think there is fashion here,” Velez said.

She said that more people are leaning towards comfort than fashion, and that people should care more about how they looked.

“My friend went in pajamas to class, with a blanket over her head. You have to show respect to the professors, and students,” Velez said. “Do you go to opera in pajamas? No! Do you go to work in pajamas? No! Just go to an interview in pajamas, and tell me you got the job.”

Erisa Mullalli, a Biotech major and a freshman, also doesn’t believe there is a distinct fashion at WSU. Instead, she thinks it is all about comfort: people wear clothes to be comfortable because students don’t have time.

“They move here and there, no time,” she said.

Mullalli said it was wrong to wear pajamas to school, and that she would never dare do it. She advised students to show respect by dressing warm and decently.

“The professors show respect to their students, students too should reciprocate,” Mullalli said.

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