Students, Faculty Team Up to Tidy Campus

By Haley Gosselin

The sun was shining as Steve Bandarra, Worcester State University’s Sustainability Coordinator, warmly welcomed the volunteers who gathered in front of the May Street Auditorium for the second annual Campus Clean-Up on April 28.

The event had been postponed a week due to relentless April showers, but the weather cleared up just in time. Students and faculty chattered while they received their equipment for the day: special tong clippers (trash grabbers), two trash bags (one for recyclables and one for trash), and heavy duty gloves.

The few dozen volunteers were divided into smaller groups and then assigned specific areas surrounding WSU’s campus. After a group picture, groups of four or five walked to Chandler Magnet School, the May Street parking lot, and up and down the nearby streets—May Street, Chandler Street, and June Street.

“I think it’s important for all of us, but especially the students, to see how easily human-created waste can pile up and ruin the environment,” said geography professor Alexander Tarr, who volunteered for the event. “Doing the cleanup is a way to do something good for our neighborhood but also to help us think about the larger impacts our systems have on the planet.”

Sophomore Allison Terry, an environmental science major, agreed.  

“It is important to get as many people involved as possible for events like this,” said Terry. “I was pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up.”

Not only was this event an excellent way to help the environment for Earth Day, it was a great chance for students and faculty to get more involved on campus and to meet new people.  Professor Tarr, who just started teaching at WSU this past August, is of the same mind.


“It was a great excuse to get outside on a beautiful Friday afternoon and spend some time with students away from the classroom.”

The event ran from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and ended with free pizza and beverages for everyone involved.

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