Student Intern Spotlight Series: Aaron Maday

Learn about Aaron Maday's internship at Andy's Attic

By Rachael Berthiaume

As we are nearing graduation, seniors of all majors are finishing up their capstones and internships before they switch the assignments for the caps and gowns.

Senior Aaron Maday had a slightly different experience. Maday spent his last semester interning with Andy’s Attic in Worcester, MA for his public health practicum.

Andy’s Attic is a non-profit based out of South High School whose mission is to provide clothing for families in the community so they can advance in everyday life.

Maday was first introduced to Andy’s Attic in high school, where he was a student volunteer. Now, he is the intern manager.

“When Christine Foley, the director, is not able to work with people who come in to visit, people who come to donate, or give out requests, I’m in charge of all that,” Maday said.

Andy’s Attic is more than just a non-profit. Students at South High volunteer to help out with tasks and Foley teaches marketing, which helps students with resumes and other career development steps.

Maday explains how working for a non-profit, such as Andy’s Attic, has been an eye-opening experience. He is headed off to grad school after graduation with plans to pursue a business career. He also hopes to work with nonprofits in the future.

“I’ve always had this altruistic mentality of doing what’s best for the most people. This experience has opened my eyes to the nonprofit sector and really helped me to see how important non-profits are to the communities they serve,” Maday said.

Andy’s Attic also has big plans. Within two years, South High will be remodeled and Andy’s Attic will have a larger, more efficient work space, complete with a separate classroom, unlike they have now.

Maday is content with his time with Andy’s Attic, and gives his insight on how internships can help students.

“Internships allow you to take the skills you learn in the classroom into the workplace. They can also show you if this is the path you are ready for, or if it’s not for you at all,” Maday said.

Andy’s Attic is always looking for volunteers on specific volunteer days posted on their website.

Andy’s Attic is also growing a relationship with Worcester state and has partnered with the Career Services Department. Career Services has launched a “Career Closet,” another way to support students in their career development by giving everyone access to appropriate attire for any professional event. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. during the school week and the Closet can be found on the third floor of the Student Center.

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  1. Aaron is a great young man. I have known him since he was born and always appreciated his selfless and giving and generous heart.

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