Million Student March Comes to WSU

By New Worcester Spy Staff

WSU students protest with homemade signs.

WORCESTER – Members and supporters of the group Socialist Alternative braved the cold and rain Thursday to gather outside the Sullivan Academic Building at WSU  as part of the Million Student March to protest rising college costs and champion debt-free education.


The group featured former members of Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter protesters and unaffiliated WSU students that feel passionately about the issue. Several protesters spoke at the rally.



Socialist Alternative is active at Worcester State University and Clark University in Worcester. At WSU they demand freezing tuition at 2014-14 levels, rescinding the pedestrian access fee (a $72 annual charge assessed for use of the campus’s sidewalks and parking lots), and a campus-wide $15 an hour minimum wage. Demands at Clark are similar, but include the reinstatement of need-blind admissions (Clark recently switched to a “need-aware” admissions policy to keep their budget in check).

A member of the group Socialist Alternative.

Their next public meeting will be held Nov 19, 6:30 pm in Sackler 121 at Clark University.

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