Sleepless Nights

A poem by Tyanna McCaulsky

Photo Credit: Flickr CC James Mann

By Tyanna McCaulsky

Where broken glasses lie
Hope is now in a disguise
Barbarity is rejoicing
Peace lay bound with fetters of iron
Depression is dressed in a Tom Ford Tux

What else can I say?
Is there any other way?
Crying is the new hobby
Sleepless nights are chasing you
Like playful kids in the lobby

A taste of darkness has poisoned your sight
Therefore, you can’t see the light
Day by day you go
While death is drawing near…
He whispers, “come here”
Petrified you are
Shaking like a leaf
What are your beliefs?

Just close your eyes
Don’t act so surprised
Meditate on his word
You are free like a bird
Take your time
You are someone’s sunshine
No one might say it
You won’t see it
But that’s like faith
And you remind me of the number eight

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