Senses of Love

Sophia D'Alleva brings the senses to life through her poem "Senses of Love"

By Sophia D’Alleva

I Heard 

I heard my heartbeat get faster when you were near.

I heard your voice become music to my ears.

I heard my mind telling me that you’re the one. 

The day you came into my life I heard an angel from above. 

I heard love

I Tasted  

The taste of your lips on mine left me craving more.

Sugar coated. Sweet and compelling, like honey.

Our lips touch, leaving a sweet taste in between. 

I tasted your lips and I found my addiction. 

My taste buds were dancing but no one saw.

I tasted your lips and I did not crave anyone else’s.

I tasted the sweet, sweet taste of love and passion.

I tasted you.

I Felt 

I felt your touch.

I felt my heart beating.

I felt my stomach releasing the caged butterflies.

I felt your deep and beautiful eyes look at me.

I felt lost in your gaze.

I felt love.

I Saw 

I saw your eyes. Oh my…

I saw your smile.

My eyes saw an angel that day. 

Cupid appeared and shot us both.

I saw something gleaming in the light.

Love at first sight.

I Smelled 

I smelled the fresh air. A new beginning.

I smelled your scent and maybe you smelled mine.

Maybe you smelled the coffee on my breath that night we kissed.

Oh, how much your presence is missed.

I smelled the magic of love, floating through the air.

I never thought love had a smell until I realized your smell 

was something I loved to be near.

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