Scott Page Athlete Profile

Page is a WSU pole vaulter

By John Ojukwu

Scott Page, senior captain for the Worcester State University track team, looks like he is coming back for another outdoor track season. Page has been an outstanding pole vaulter for the Worcester State Lancers. He has been a key contributor to the team who has had some obstacles to face throughout his track career here at Worcester State, but he is making the most out of his situation to overcome the obstacles and still succeed.

“I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my track career,” Page said. “I wish things went a little differently with how I performed at times. I’ve also had some injuries that kept me out of practice and competing for over a year. It’s tough knowing how great I could become but sometimes not being able to execute it because of a lack of training. Hopefully, I’ll finish this season strong and I’ll do everything I can in the offseason to come back stronger than ever and hopefully compete for a national title.”

Scott had a season-ending hamstring injury last outdoor season which gives him another year of eligibility since he has also not yet completed 10 semesters of coursework. Scott will come back as a graduate student and continue competing for the Men’s Worcester State track and field team as a pole vaulter and maybe get into some sprinting events.

“It feels great to come back and spend another season with my boys and Coach Swett,” Page said. “I love this team, these are my brothers and family. I look out for them and we bond very well. I love competing and being the best athlete I could be. Conference Championships have been very fun and exciting to be a part of. I am blessed to be able to come back for one more season and lead the team as a captain. Hopefully I stay healthy so that I can continue to have success as a pole vaulter and help out the sprinting squad”.

Scott has won a few MASCAC Championships. He won two MASCAC Championships last year, one for indoor and one for outdoor. He broke the school record this year in indoor track and he is trying to qualify for nationals. He will return next season as a captain and try to have more success.

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