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The New Worcester Spy provides readers with high quality journalistic coverage of the neighborhoods, community life, and fascinating individuals of Greater Worcester, as well as a selection of fiction, poetry, memoir, personal essays, photographs, and videos.

We welcome submissions from anyone in the Central Massachusetts area.  Please send feature articles, literary journalism, creative nonfiction, memoirs, fiction, poetry, and photo essays to Submissions are not guaranteed publication and will be subject to editing.


Reviving Worcester’s Literary Fame

The Worcester Spy was the pre-eminent newspaper in New England from 1781 until 1904. It began when the great Boston publisher Isaiah Thomas created The Massachusetts Spy to further the cause of independence.  Two nights before the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, Thomas fled to Worcester — from the British troops and their sympathizers, who wanted to hang him. Six years later he renamed his paper The Worcester Spy.

Perhaps no other newspaper played as distinguished a role in early American life as The Worcester Spy. Thomas’s weekly harnessed the power of truthful, impartial reportage to facilitate the patriots’ victory over the British, though it was scrupulous in providing a voice to those on both sides of the conflict.  Later, this publication proved indispensable to the abolition movement, with its unflinching accounts of the treatment of fugitive slaves in the North.

The Worcester Spy ceased publication in 1904, but we are proud to adopt its name as a way of clarifying our mission: to revive the great Worcester journalistic tradition of publishing brave stories that impart necessary, sometimes terrible, truths, for the edification of readers.

The Worcester Spy’s motto, “Noscere res humanas est Hominis” – Knowledge of the world is necessary for every person – will guide our literary efforts.


The New Worcester Spy Staff

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