Questions of the Week

by New Worcester Spy Staff

What is your preferred dining option, and why?


“I like the Dining Hall at Sheehan for the residents. You can go there as a commuter too! Overall it’s cheaper than the Student Center since you pay like $8.00, and it’s all you can eat with way more options.”

—Max Berube, 20, junior commuter from Montreal, Canada


“I like to eat in Sheehan. There are more options and they are sensitive to people who need

different health options.”

—Drexler Asassy, 22, senior commuter from Worcester, MA


“The Food Court food is really good. I always stop there for a sandwich or something in between classes. There are more options than the Sheehan Pod.”

—Eric Adams, 20, sophomore resident from Sutton, MA


“I prefer the Food Court, or “Lower Deka,” because you know what you can get down there rather than when you go to the Pod, which is a surprise. I also like how you can get the food to go and just eat it at your dorm rather than being forced to eat it there.”

—Mackenzie Crumley, 20, sophomore resident from Fall River, MA,


“The Food Court has the best food, but it’s expensive and I don’t like spending my Dining Dollars! I think it has better options [though]. The food is cooked better than the Pod. Sometimes the food’s bad at the Pod and I don’t like the hours. I get out of class at 2:15 and by the time I get to the Pod there’s like no food left.”

—Leanne Warren, 19, sophomore resident from Littleton, MA


“Well, I mean, I would say the Pod Dining Hall because I have more meal swipes, but I mean… For example: The salad down in the Food Court is better than the Pod’s, and if I had the option to use my meal swipes there, I’d go there. I’d prefer more of a variety at the Pod’s salad bar. I feel like I usually eat the same stuff.”

—Allison Czaplicki, 22, senior resident from Wilbraham, MA


“The Food Court has so much variety. I usually get the same thing, but sometimes I find something new I like. It never disappoints.”

—Mallory Babineau, 20, sophomore resident from Fitchburg, MA,








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