Poems by Catherine Jreije

Art by Patrick Driscoll


It will never go fast enough
It will never go slow enough
It will never pass just right
We all have too much and too little on our hands

Tick-tock, I can’t stop looking at the clock

During a test, the time is speeding by
When I am in class on Friday, it is a wandering snail
When I am with him, it passes like a lightning bolt
When I await to see him, the same moments last for eternity

Tick-tock, am I being watched by a hawk?

The weight of a thousand raindrops descends on me
Bellowing over me is time and time is money
Time is money, time is precious
I do not have eternity, my soul cannot be set free

Tick-tock, every minute feels like eternity

The clock keeps ticking till the end of me
Clouds go by, people come and go, yet I am still here
Every second feels like forever
This moment will still be here, forever from now

Tick-tock, I must stop watching the clock


Be patient, they say
You will meet in a random way
The time will come unexpectedly, one day
Live your life, think not of it, you’ll be okay

But how could I? There is no easy way
The wait kills me, I want no delay
The time will arrive, I know, it’s so cliché  
But how could I patiently await such a magical day?

One day, he will come
There is no telling where he will come from
Some people say all the overthinking is dumb
But how could I not think about he, the one?

Though I cannot ignore the constant wonder
I thrive one day to feed my hunger
For love and happiness that will last forever
I hope that we can live this way together

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