No Laughing Matter

Jordan Jones, aka 'Snuggles the Clown'

By Maria P. Galeano

Jordan Jones, aka 'Snuggles the Clown'
Jordan Jones, aka ‘Snuggles the Clown’

Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by darkness. There is no going back. All you hear is the sound of your heart pounding. You are cold, sweating, terrified.

Someone has been quietly watching you. He silently approaches, and you experience the loudest roar you’ve ever heard.

The scariest clown you could ever imagine is in your face. Screams are one of his greatest rewards. He lives to scare and irritate people like you.

Even though clowns are supposed to be jolly characters, over time they have separated into different lines of work. Haunted attractions around the globe use frightening clowns to recreate one of the world’s biggest fears.

Professional clowns made a living by amusing people until a couple months ago.

On Aug. 20, in the woods behind an apartment complex in Greensville, S.C, a prankster dressed as a clown started scaring residents. Since then, rumors on social media about “killer clowns,” clown threats and emergency calls about creepy clowns put the authorities on the alert. This has not only caused the closing of schools and colleges but also extreme fear around the country known as “clown hysteria.”

If you have ever wondered what real clowns go through, Jordan Jones, can tell you. Jones, 22, a professional clown, has been scaring and entertaining people for 10 years.

Jordan Jones, also known as Snuggles the clown, works at ScreamLand Farms in Frederick, MD. About two months ago, he posted a picture that went viral allowing him to create “Clown lives matter,” a positive movement standing up for professional clowns all around the world.

“I am so passionate about this and I don’t want people to ruin this,” Jones stated. As many other actors he makes a living from entertaining people.

“I am a loving guy and scare people but I also laugh with them,” Snuggles said.

People are now clown hunting, and Jones is not the only creepy clown fearing for his life. He doesn’t even dress as a clown in public anymore.

“We are trying to end this, too,” Jones said.

Actors are having a hard time making kids realize that they are not trying to hurt them. Clowns are not the enemy; they just want to get a smile out of you. Thousands of professional actors around the world are trying to show adults and teenagers that it is enough.

“It is not a prank anymore. It is not a game anymore,” said Snuggles. “My life matters as an actor. All lives matter.”

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