Moving to the United States of America

A short memoir about a significant move

Image credit: Flickr CC Tom Thai

By Michelle Rivas

All people, one way or another, make certain decisions that sooner or later change their lives forever. Some people experience positive changes while others experience not-so-pleasant ones. Many people go on trying to cope with the consequences of their decisions and others regret having made that decision that changed the course of their lives.

In my case, I made the decision to move to the United States. I left behind my friends, my family, and absolutely everything I had. I went to a country where everything was extremely different than in my home, the Dominican Republic. For example, in the United States, the weather, the culture, the language, and even the way to write a paragraph or place commas in a sentence, are different.

My life changed radically because I had to adapt to the new system in which I lived. I also found the need to learn English. I did not have friends in the United States as I did in the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, I had no relatives in this new country. I could not work as an education professional in the United States because my university studies did not meet the requirements. Everything was different and new to me in this unfamiliar place.

However, over the years, I grew accustomed to my new home. I got married and became the mother of two children.

Although my life in the United States is very different from the life I had in the Dominican Republic, I feel comfortable in this new country. My husband did everything possible to help me overcome each of the barriers that represented an obstacle to achieving success.

I took English classes and driving lessons, so I did not depend so much on my husband to move me from one place to another. In addition, I was able to register at Quinsigamond Community College, where I started taking formal English reading and writing classes. Now I am studying at Worcester State University to become a Spanish teacher in this foreign country.

It is true that my life has changed a lot since I made the decision to live in United States, but I do not regret it because, despite everything, I have been very happy here in this foreign nation that is now mine

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