Blah Blah Blombach: McDonald’s? Where are the Parents?

By John Blombach

At first glance, it seems reasonable for parents of fat kids to blame a fast food joint for their child’s poor food choices and harmful eating. But on closer investigation one has to wonder what ever happened to personal accountability. Whose responsibility is it when our kids overindulge themselves and shovel food into their faces like it is their last supper?   

Childhood obesity shouldn’t be blamed on the purveyors of the product, as everyone has choices. It seems that the cause of portliness in children is no different than it is in adults: too many calories and too little exercise.  

Where are the parents?  Some adults are either lazy or ignorant.  The parents have to have accountability and be responsible for the health of their offspring, rather than blaming McDonalds or any other restaurant. Look at a fast food burger and try to find the beef. It is not the microscopic hamburger that’s the problem. The hefty order of French fries and the super-sized mocha frappe that is ordered along with that tiny sandwich is the problem.

Every morning, moms and dads chauffer their precocious little nippers down to the end of the driveway. And in a large, gas-guzzling SUV they wait with their chubby kids for the big yellow school bus to pick them up at each of their homes. The precious little cherubs are then scooped up by an oversized bus and dropped at the portal of the school. All the while, their tiny legs waste away, and little bellies become rotund.

Childhood obesity is tantamount to the worse kind of child neglect possible because the parents have hoodwinked themselves into thinking they are doing the best thing for their children by encouraging them to finish their plates and then rewarding them with desert.  Adults need to educate themselves about healthy lifestyles, the importance of exercise, and good eating habits.

Don’t blame someone else for the lengthening of your child’s waistline. Adult parents have to love their little tots enough to lead by example and care enough to follow through by practicing a little tough love when it comes to packing away the vittles. Be kind to kids, unplug the TV, and confiscate the video games and cell phones. Make no mistake: child obesity is child abuse. This should be treated the same as any other mistreatment of kids; the parents should be prosecuted.  

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