Marissa’s Minutes: Lancer Sports Recap Jan. 24 – Jan. 30

By Marissa Avanzato

In the past week, Lancer Athletics has played multiple MASCAC (Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference) conference games. Worcester State is one of six Massachusetts state colleges in the conference.

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, the men’s and women’s basketball teams traveled to Westfield, MA for a conference matchup.

The women’s team faced an unfortunate defeat against Westfield State, with a final score of 97-77. For the first three quarters, Westfield outscored the Lancers, but the Lancers made a tough comeback leading the fourth quarter, although it wasn’t enough to pull through for a win. Britt Herring, a freshman from West Brookfield, MA, led the Lancers, scoring 23 points and having 11 rebounds, while Kaitlyn Berkel, a freshman from Waterford, CT, had 21 points with 12 rebounds. Another freshman from Pelham, NH, Kate Suprenant, scored 14 points for the Lancers. Although the Lancers lost, they had a fifty-four percent scoring average, higher than Westfield’s, and a seventy-four percent free-throw average for the game. Their record moved to 2-4 in the MASCAC.

The men’s team, however, had quite the thriller of a game, defeating Westfield with a final score of 89-88. Bilal Shakir, a junior from Worcester, had the game-winning three-point shot that pushed the Lancers forward to capturing the MASCAC win, with 3.1 seconds left in the game.  Not only did he score the game-winning shot, he also had a career high and team high of the night, leading the team with 34 points. Alex Santos, a freshman from Lawrence, MA, scored 23 points, while Paul Brooks, a 6’9” junior from Arlington, MA, had five blocks and scored 13 points. The Lancers were fantastic at the free throw line, averaging seventy-nine percent and moving to 4-2 in MASCAC play.

On Thursday, Jan. 28, the men’s ice hockey team traveled to Plymouth, New Hampshire for a conference play. With the first period scoreless, it gave both teams an even fight for the rest of the game. About halfway through the second period, Plymouth State scored first, giving them the edge, but in the third period, Marcus Mazur, a freshman from Beverly Hills, MI, tied the game back up, firing the puck into the net. He couldn’t have done this without the assists of his teammates, Jim LeNoir, a junior from Eton, PA, and sophomore Alex Pommerville, from Macedon, NY. Unfortunately, Plymouth State fired back with a shot, which ended up winning the game for them. The Lancers faced a 2-1 loss and moved to 1-9-1 in the MASCAC.

Saturday, Jan. 30, was a big day for Lancer Athletics, with all teams having conference match-ups.

First up was the women’s basketball team, traveling to North Adams, MA to face the MCLA Trailblazers. Kaitlyn Berkel led the team to 14 points and six rebounds, while Kate Suprenant was close behind with 12 points and two rebounds. Britt Herring led the team with rebounds, having 11 total. The Lady Lancers lost a close conference game of 61-58, had a forty-nine percent shooting average, and were seventy-five percent at the free throw line. They are now 2-5 in MASCAC play.

The men’s basketball team also traveled to MCLA for a conference match-up. In overtime, the Lancers pulled through for the win, the final score being 104-96. Alex Santos led the team scoring 30 points, nine of those points being three-pointers. Bilal Shakir had 25 points with six rebounds, while Ryan DiBernardo, a junior from Springfield, MA, scored 21 points and obtained 13 rebounds. Paul Brooks and Jamal Mustapha, a junior from Worcester, MA each had ten points. The Lancers moved to 5-2 in the MASCAC and are now in second place.

The men and women’s indoor track teams traveled to Medford, MA for the Tufts Stampede. The women’s team placed sixth. The men’s team placed third.

Last up for the evening was the men’s ice hockey game against the Salem State Vikings. The Lancers suffered a 7-0 loss. Max Kirkwood, a freshman from Brunswick, OH, let up three goals in the first and two in the second, while Tyler Fallica, a sophomore from Coram, NY, allowed two goals. Despite the goals, Kirkwood did save 22 shots, and Fallica saved 11.

This event was also a Lifetime Lancer Alumni event. Many students gathered showing their Woo Pride with rally towels and foam fingers. Alumni also gathered to watch the MASCAC match-up. The Lancers move to 1-10-1 in the MASCAC.

Stay tuned for next week’s recap!

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