“Mama (My Heroine),” A Poem

Tyanna McCaulsky shares a beautiful poem about her mother.

By Tyanna McCaulsky

She is the joy that fills
A room that consumes the unhappy
She is a lending hand to the hopeless
A pillow that entails indescribable peace to my soul
A gifted hand to the kitchen
Joyful noise to the broken

A woman I pray God
Continues to protect each day 
She has laid a foundation
She has made a way for me

My solid rock
My heart in human form
My  feet when I’m unable to stand on my own
My heroine in times of tribulation
My role model with God’s presence glistening all over
My dear friend
My mom, my love

She is the light that has suppressed my darkness
My entity of kindness
My garden blooming magical flowers
That has overthrown brokenness
Mommy, I love you

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