Love Poetry

By: Sophia D’Alleva

Teacher of Love

Teach me how to love with my heart and eyes open.

Teach me that opening my heart to someone won’t be a mistake.

Teach me that there can be light even if there’s darkness.

I want to learn how to love fully,

not hollowly.

Oh teacher of love,

teach me that love doesn’t have to be

a constant bed of nails, but can be a bed of roses.

Teach me how to 

fall in love with the thorns and the petals.

Silent Killer

Our love was like the harmful gas that has no scent nor leaves any trace.


filling the air with its toxicity and poisons the ones within its embrace. 

A silent killer, whose lips stopped having taste, 

and the color of our cheeks started to become colorless,

faces turned pale while our love turned toxic.

You stole oxygen from my blood cells,

my heart tries to keep beating.

My head is spinning, I’m short of breath. 

You were the silent killer,

Who blurred my vision of love,

and left me confused.

You have a hold on me, trying to suffocate me.

Perspective on Love

I was never able to understand what people meant 

when they told me “love is a big word.” 

I wondered why a four letter word was so big.

I never knew how much it meant to people when someone said it.

It wasn’t until someone convinced me they loved me then left so easily,

blaming me for their games, that I realized the weight that word carried.

Having it be a lie hurt like a knife stabbed into my heart.

My perspective of love changed.

At 8 years old, love meant a note from my mom in my lunchbox 

so I remembered her love for me during school.

At 16 I thought love was giving my love to a boy who didn’t care 

about anything but what I was able to give to him. 

My perspective of love changed  like

 the word itself changed over time, 

it aged as I grew. 

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