Love Poems

For Valentine's Day Logan Hampsey shares some poetry on Love.

By Logan Hampsey 

Rejoiced In Love

Damn, you make my heart beat fast 

I look at the broken world around me 

and you’re the only mended thing I can see 


No need for addictions when you’re the drug I take 

Your love takes all my pain away 

Managed to stitch me back together, you make me insane 


With you on my side, no one will get in the way 

No toxin in my veins, there is only love and faith 

Ripped my heart right out my chest the moment we met 


The fights never matter, the screaming never wins 

So why don’t we just hold on tight and dive in 

We are the kind of pair that stays strong even when no one is 


So take my love, take my heart, take my everything, be my everything

You’re my everything. I will always love you. 

You have the purest of souls, you deserve the world


Fill My Heart Up

The touch of your skin, the look in your eyes 

Nothing else in the world is as alluring 


Every word you say, every single step you take 

I appreciate every glance into your existence 


If you only saw what I see 

You fill my heart up with your love 


I cry every time you go 

Your company inspires me to do the most 


I will protect you and make sure you aren’t at harm       

Begone the ghosts from our past that try to manipulate our minds 


If you only saw what I see 

You fill my heart up with your love 


My heart is on my sleeve, come on and take it 

Make me yours and let’s fly away somewhere no one can find us


Just don’t ever forget how much you are adored

If you only saw what I see 

You fill my heart up with your love


As Happy As Can Be 

As I rise, I can’t stop thinking about you 

You stand so tall, your shirt navy blue 

You never grow old in my eyes 

This love I’ve been kindling will never die 


I am one half of the puzzle, you being the other 

Running my hand through your hair 

Our connection 

Is on another dimension 


We will always look at each other the same 

Love doesn’t age in resentment, it ages peacefully like a fine wine

Our healing will get better with time 

Just got to be focused and walk the line 


You accept me for me, I accept you for you 

There is no other story but the truth 

We work best when in harmony 


But we don’t know how long we have, let’s remain as happy as can be


Falling For You 

I’m blinded, so hypnotized 

Keep me in your paradise 

It’s a perfect fit, me and you 

I’ll always be falling for you 


Made all my promises, I am truly devoted 

I am not afraid to say I love you, I’ve already said it

You know the way out, take me all the way through

I’ll always be falling for you 


I wanna wake up next to you, give gifts to you 

Make you warm when you are cold, bring you everything you need

Take you on all kind of adventures, go down all different avenues

I’ll always be falling for you 


Go on, no looking back 

This journey is not for the faint of heart 

Keep me in your mind, body, soul 

Even when you think you’ve given up 

I will be there forevermore 


Don’t give me a reason to worry and question the truth

I’ll always be falling for you

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