Let’s Talk Sex, Erica! Fall 2018 edition

From our sex and dating columnist Erica Gilman: 

Hey everybody, welcome back to another semester! I’m Erica, the writer of “Let’s Talk about Sex, Erica,” the sex and relationship column here on The New Worcester Spy. It’s starting to get chilly, so curl up with a pumpkin latte (or whatever else you want, you pumpkin latte haters!), your real or fantasy hunny, and send me your questions related to all things sexy and confusing! Anything from STIs to sexual orientation to “my boo has a lock on their phone, what does this mean?!” I will answer to the very best of my ability.

Post your questions under any of my column posts in the comments section. Questions posted here will not be visible to anyone but the staff. I will try my best to answer in a separate post, and you can even use a fake name (which I will give you anyway!)

XOXO Erica

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