“Let’s Talk about Sex, Erica”

This is the introduction to the new column, "Let's Talk about Sex, Erica." Author, Erica Gilman, will answer any and all questions about sex!

By Erica Gilman


Hey girls, guys, and gender non-conformers! There’s a new advice column here at The New
Worcester Spy! And, hold on to your panties- it’s going to center around your questions about all
things sex: sexual health, relationships, STIs, you name it, I’ll probably answer it. As for me, I’m
Erica. When I’m not talking to anyone who will let me about sex, I’m probably doing
homework, writing poetry, or reading. At this point, you may be asking “okay, Erica, what
makes you the right person to be answering my oh-so- personal sexual inquiries?” Well, for
starters, I’m a peer health educator here at Worcester State (you’ve probably seen me at some of
the Hump Day tables). Second, for my job as an LGBTQ+ peer leader in a social support group, I
deal with questions and topics of sexuality and gender every week. And last but not least, as if it
hasn’t already been made clear, I love talking about sex. So send me your questions by pasting them in the anonymous comment box below, let me answer them, and take what you want from my responses. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Please ask your question in the comment box below – none of your personal information will be saved and you will be completely anonymous. If your comment is selected, it will be published in the next edition of “Let’s Talk about Sex, Erica!”

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