Kanye’s 1% Problems

By Brock Bowen


Kanye West dropped his new album The Life Of Pablo last week and, along with it, tweeted solid gold. First he confessed that he was $53 million dollars in debt; later, he tweeted FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg asking for a small loan of a billion dollars to fund his ideas, which he believed would benefit humanity. Only a couple a weeks after the finger fiasco with Amber Rose, Kanye believed his album would generate some positive hype for him.

Instead of releasing his album on any mainstream medium, he made his album available for streaming on TIDAL. People thought, “Nah,” and his album has now been downloaded nearly five hundred thousand times, a number that is likely to grow even though Kanye wants to legally duke it out with Pirate Bay.

A lot has happened in recent weeks and there’s much more about to come. Kanye and his family are no strangers to the media. Headlines concerning the West clan make you shake your head before clicking, knowing full well you have to see how this is all going to play out.

Kanye is an artist, no doubt about it. He sometimes lacks common sense, and other times can’t produce the best music, but he puts his heart into everything, including making the Yeezy fashion line, fathering two kids, and marrying an icon who literally has her own set of emojis.

One question we must ask ourselves is, “Have we played a part creating this catastrophe?” Kanye’s ego has always been big but it has grown so much in recent years due to a series of current events that played out in his favor.

The attention we pay him is partially what encourages him to think of himself as a modern day Jesus. If you actually look at his lyrics, it’s fascinating how self absorbed he is – but that energy is what his fans gravitate toward. That said, his ego and his expensive taste have outgrown his ability to maintain his status as a serious artist.

In the upcoming weeks, as he revises The Life Of Pablo, there is a chance he could turn things around and just accept this as a low point in his life. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I dare you to wake up every day and love yourself as much as Kanye loves himself. He would want you to. Probably.

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