Introducing The Worcester Community Fridge

By The New Worcester Spy

The Worcester Community Fridge (a.k.a. Woo Fridge) is a mutual aid initiative which began in early January 2021. Since then, the project has garnered attention from the Worcester community and is currently in the process of establishing new locations. The mutual aid initiative seeks to provide easy access to free food for locals struggling with food insecurity. In addition, the Community Fridge hopes to eliminate excessive food waste by rescuing edible food that will end up in a landfill rather than in the hands of those in need. On February 16th, The New Worcester Spy had the pleasure of meeting with Maria Ravelli. Maria has played a significant role in the establishment of the Community Fridge and continues to be a major figure in the organization and operation of the initiative. Maria discusses the future of the community fridge, what defines mutual aid and how students can become involved with and support the community fridges in this video interview. You can donate to or take what you need from the Worcester Community Fridge located in front of Fantastic Pizza at 910 Main Street.

To support or get involved with the Worcester Community Fridge:

Worcester Community Fridge Facebook Group


Cashapp: $WooFridge

Venmo: WooFridge

Paypal: woofridge

Mutual Aid Worcester Facebook Group

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