Photo credit: Flickr CC Wuipdesign

By Tyanna McCaulsky

I want to know what is Identity
Because, it is not defined by our paternity
Consumed by the minds of our society
Not understanding the ideal way of your priority
Culture tells us to have morality
But, I sit here thinking about the community
What defines you?
Is it beauty?
Is it stupidity?

Nevertheless, train your minds to be the battlefield of power
Never allow mankind to make you think lower
Let education be your recreation
Be strong enough to fight for your emancipation
Look around, look at our nation
Linings of corruption have become our foundation
What is Identity?
We are all one in a single entity
We are the same despite diversity

I look at you
I see me
We don’t sound alike
But there isn’t a thing to dislike
Blue eyes, green eyes
however we still compromise
Blonde hair, black hair
We seem not to care
Light skin, dark skin
Thick, round or thin
We are still the same
But we all have a different aim

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