I love WSU Day and More: Presented by Alumni Services

Read up on the, "I Love WSU Day" that coincided with Valentines Day this year on February 14th. This article was written by Rachael Berthiaume

By Rachael Berthiaume


February 14th…Everyone knows that is the date of Valentine’s Day, but did you know that this year it was also I Love WSU Day?

Every year, usually in April, Alumni Services hosts the annual Day of Giving, but this year they decided to switch it up. The purpose of I Love WSU Day was to not only promote school spirit across campus by having students write what they love about Worcester State and posting it around the school, but also to collect donations from students and alumni to support student and faculty initiatives.

Over 400 student and alumni donors participated in the event, according to Tara Hancock, director of Alumni Services.

“We received $12,000 in challenge money before it even started from Phil Wayslean, who Wasylean Hall is named after—he donated $10,000 if we got 200 donors to the fund,” Hancock said. “We received a challenge of $2,000 from Sharon Mcdonald, class of 1986, if we got over 100 student donors, and we had over 400 students donate.”

I Love WSU Day was also the introduction of the new “funding for the future.” The idea, pitched to Alumni Services by senior Amber Suarez, is for an internship fund to help WSU students who want to take part in an internship but are finding it financially difficult.

“We know so many of our students work part-time and do so many other things that the opportunity to take an internship, which only furthers your education, may not be a reality,” Hancock said.

The annual day of giving, which is now I Love WSU Day, is Alumni Service’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and they are planning for another I Love WSU Day for 2019, but they also have a few other important events coming up.

“The first week of April we are doing a week-long series called ‘Backpack to Briefcase’ where we have events everyday and bring in alumni who are the best of the best in their field,” said Hancock. “Our final event is our ‘Dinner with Strangers’ on Thursday, April 5th.”

Last year the “Dinner with Strangers” had such a good turnout that this year they are having the event in the larger May Street building instead of the Blue Lounge.

Even though this was the first year that Alumni Services has organized an “I Love WSU Day,” those involved said it was a huge success.

“Walking into the student center and walking through Sheehan and seeing on the walls and windows all the valentines of what students love about Worcester State, it was great, it was such a fun thing,” said Hancock.

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