How Do We Learn?

Logan Hampsey, The New Worcester Spy's Art Director, reflects on the new academic environment brought on by the pandemic.

By Logan Hampsey
By Logan Hampsey

Not even a year has passed since “it” came. 

          What seemed like comedy, turned into reality. 

My fellow students and teachers, how will education continue? 

We wake up to a new routine now. 
They clearly are not the only ones, but we must ask 
         How will the teachers still teach? How will the students still learn? 

Life seems simpler now, but do not be fooled. 
We still have much work to do.
Many new tasks at hand toppling those already existing. 

           Everything is closed. 

Can’t even go in school anymore, 
           How’re we going to learn? 
           Finish school? 

What seemed like a safe haven, 
           Is actually a nuclear zone. 

Head on over to Zoom University where you don’t have to get tested for “it” Unless your campus is still open, that is... 

But have no fear, the big change is here!- 

What a cruel joke it is. do we still learn? 

Well, we are sent home, back to live a different life.
Learning, speaking, spending, events all took the move too 
                                             Guess we’ll see how this goes. 

I don’t know how or when I am going to see anybody 
Maybe except those in my household and now school 

We are hardwired to need social interaction from other people, you know 
                                  But with some normal interactions, only some. 
And only depending on what it is 
           some schools, stores, parks. 

So many people create conspiracies about “it” 
                               ‘Cause no one really knows. 

Who knows when the fuck this will all go away. 
Is this how we will learn forever? Is this our future? 
So, going into that school again, 
                           will not feel like prison. 

“It” cannot prevent us from learning. Nothing can.
We need to keep our heads up, chins high, masks on, distance wide. 

This is how we learn, they say. 
Trust us, we know the way. 

We are a strong collective, 

How do we learn? 
…by keeping ourselves safe.
By Logan Hampsey

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