This is our Second Fright Fight Writing Contest Winner, "Haunted", written by Amiya Phillips

Artwork By Logan Hampsey

By Amiya Phillips

I’m jealous, 

Jealous of how you’re not haunted.

People only think about being haunted when it’s the time of Halloween. 

But I’m constantly reminded, 

My past secrets haunt me. 

The ones that are supposed to come to the grave with Me, yeah those. 

The air begins to chill around me, 

And I know that it’s them. 

I’m frightened, 

But I’m used to it. 

Scared but, 

I’ll live through it. 

I know I’m not the only one hiding something, 

But these spirits only attack me. 

I’m jealous that some only think about being haunted on one day Out of the year, 

But it’s a lifestyle filled with anxiety 

For me. 

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